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​क्योंकि वजन है... तो वजनदारी है...!

"Mushroom Weight Gaining Powder" is the country's best-selling weight gaining powder made from mushrooms, a product tried by over 3 million people. Mashrumax repairs the broken cells by reaching into the lean person's body and makes new cells very quickly. The digestive system gets healthy with the use of mushrooms, which increases hunger and easily digests food and prepares energy for the body. The folic acid present in mushrooms creates new blood in your body, which protects you from serious diseases like anemia.

In the same way, there are many more.

Mushrooms are definitely helpful in removing the thinness of your body because the mushroom works directly on the three factors which are considered to be the main causes of thinness in the human body:

1. Lack of blood or rapid build-up of new blood in the body

2. Weak or weak digestive system

3. Weakness or decrease in the body's immunity (ability to fight diseases) or white blood cells in the body

Mushroom works on these three main reasons and by removing them, it fills your body with energy and energy.





Full chagre No Discharge

"Mushroom World Ayurveda", a blend of 16 rare herbs, has created an Ayurvedic product "Leuko-X" that works very quickly on leucorrhea or white discharge and is very beneficial in eliminating the disease soon.

This product is equally effective on all four types of leucorrhea. Use of this product brings benefits within a few days. New energy is transmitted to the body. Within a week, body pain, laziness and fatigue begin to disappear. From the next day, hair loss also starts to decrease.

The course of leuko- is only 20 days, in which complete relief from this disease is possible. Its effect starts appearing in the first 3-4 days and it gets complete rest in 10 days, so the company has kept a course of 10 days in a box. By getting benefit from this, the remaining 10 days course and taking it can completely get rid of leukorrhea. If a woman has been suffering from this disease for a long time, doctors of the company are advised to take this medicine for a few extra weeks.